Oriental mini book

Posted: February 3, 2008 in Minibooks, Swaps

I took part in a challenge where everyone made a page for everybody’s book. I chose my book to be 10 x 10 cm and I received absolutely amazing pages from everybody. It just took me forever to finish the book because I did not feel like finishing it at first. The reason being that Lynn’s page seemed to have gone missing in the post. I was really angry about this since it was the finished page that went missing. However, some two or three months later it arrived. The envelope was in perfect order, like it was posted yesterday. I guess we’ll never know where it was hiding all that time. I then finished the book over Christmas but it took me this long to get the pictures online. 

 So, this is what the book looks like. I bound it with the bind-it-all. Everyone also decorated a tag which is tied on the wire before everyone’s page.



This is my page.


Mine and Lynn’s.


These are by Lynn and Viv.


Viv and Megan.


Megan and Marion.


Marion and Roberta.


Roberta and Billie.

Isn’t it brilliant?

  1. This is just fabulous! So good to see it all together at last. Just stop showing off just because you have a Bind-it-All. Huh! Lol Lynn x

  2. marcella says:

    It’s absolutely fantastic !!!

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