One fat book

Posted: December 20, 2008 in Minibooks

I have been working on this book swap with a friend of mine since last summer. We swapped 10 x 10 cm sized books. We came up with a theme for each page which we then decorated on both sides. We were going to make about 8-10 pages but ended up with 20. Just couldn’t stop. For the cover we had to send something for the other to include on it. I received some stamped images and I chose to use some cute hedgehogs which I coloured and then glued onto fragments. Here are the covers I made:

And then the pages. I suggest you go and get yourself a cup of joe first because there are loads of these pages to look through. Here we go:

1st theme: Time

2nd theme: Birds
An odd ball is translated in Finnish as an odd bird. Since the theme was birds I decided to call it an odd bird instead of a ball. Makes sense, doesn’t it?

3rd theme: Butterflies

4th theme: Romance
This one didn’t come out at all the way I saw it in my head. Absolute rubbish.

5th theme: Summer
The girl is a magazine cut-out, gessoed and coloured. I’m not very good with this technique but I like the way this one turned out.

6th theme: Winter
I just love snowflake stamps!

7th theme: Femininity (what a silly word!)

8th theme: Men
Another gessoed magazine cut-out but I’m not too happy about this one. The jeans turned out quite nicely though.

9th theme: Autumn
Teddy’s rain gear is coated in clear embossing powder and it looks like real raincoat and wellies material.

10th theme: Home

11th theme: Cats

12th theme: Christmas

13th theme: World

14th theme: Royalty

15th theme: Buttons

16th theme: Fantasy
Fairies don’t really do anything for me, but dragons…aaah. I especially love this little one!

17th theme: Shapes
That’s a great song: the windmills of your mind!

18th theme: Stars

19th theme: Waiting for Christmas
When we were kids we were bullied all autumn until Christmas to behave since the elves would be listening behind the windows and they would report any naughtyness back to Santa. Hence the second page…

20th theme: Oriental
One of my most favourite themes. I love all things oriental!

If you are still here, well done! You made it to the end.


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