Wooden delight

Posted: December 27, 2008 in This & That

I have been stamping and crafting for days like a woman possessed. I missed out on Christmas but came up smiling this morning!

I like handmade jewellery but stringing beads is not my idea of fun. I prefer making the beads. I took some wood and paper (and being in Finland that is not a problem, ha) and set to work. My obsession for all things oriental took over me again so I chose Japanese newspaper. I coloured it first with Distress Inks and glued strips then onto a wooden ball with gel medium. This is what it looks like:

Obviously, no idea what the writing says. For all I know it’s stocks and shares or something equally boring but I don’t care. Can’t read it anyway. Isn’t it übercool though? Here is another one:

And one more. This last one uses a bambu tile which has been painted black with black gesso and then wrapped in Chinese paper and finished off with red wire.

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