Music house

Posted: May 27, 2009 in Minibooks

I like making books out of songs. This time I made one in the shape of a house. It has been bound with the Bind-it-all.

Page 1: Men at Work: I can see it in your eyes

Page 2: Kraftwerk: The Robots

Page 3: Nik Kershaw: You don’t have to be the Sun

Page 4: Noel Harrison: The Windmills of Your Mind
I just love this song!

Page 5: Landscape: From the Tea-rooms of Mars to the Hell-holes of Uranus
No comments, ha.

Page 6: Lightning Seeds: The Life of Riley

Page 7: Albert Hammond: It Never Rains in California

Page 8: The Kinks: Supersonic Rocket Ship
A project is not a very good one if I can’t fit my favourite rocket ship stamp in it!

Page 9: Kraftwerk: Autobahn

Page 10: Dido: Take my Hand

Page 11: Sting: Be Still my Beating Heart

Page 12: Captain Sensible: Crazy Fish
The writing on the window is a bit unclear. It says: The crazy fish swimming past my window make is all worth while with the bubbles that they blow.

Page 13: The Police: Walking on the Moon
Yeah, you go girl!

Page 14: Smiths: Some Girls are Bigger than Others

Page 15: The Kinks: Skin & Bone

Page 16: The B-52s: Song for a Future Generation

  1. Oooh a fellow Kraftwerk fan!! Glad you got the little fella in on his ship. Fabulous book. Lol Lynn ♥

  2. Sari says:

    Thanks Lynn 🙂

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