Felt so good

Posted: November 3, 2009 in Knitting & crochet

My mum’s birthday is approaching and although she is a master knitter herself I decided to knit and felt a bag for her. I found this really yummy deep purple (heh) yarn on an Internet shop and thought it would make a nice bag. When the parcel arrived and I opened it, it was love at first sight. Nom nom nom nom. I knew immediately that the deep purple yarn and I could not part. So, plan B: Mum gets a blue bag. She likes blue so maybe it’s better this way anyway, or so I convinced myself. I knitted the bag, felted it and even crocheted a flower. I’m not much of a hooker but managed to get the flower to look a little like a flower. It has been attached with a safety pin so mum can take it off if she doesn’t like it. Pattern for the bag is here and here is the finished bag:

Of course I also made a card for her. Not quite so traditional but I’m sure she’ll like it. She is my biggest fan after all.


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