Drawer no. 17

Posted: December 18, 2009 in Christmas calendar, Knitting & crochet, This & That

No. 17 comes a day late because I was without an Internet connection all day yesterday. Arrggg.

So, here comes…

Stitch markers. I rolled up some paper strips which are then heat embossed. I didn’t have any other suitable rings, so I used little key rings. Seems to work a treat. And while I was at it, I made some more:

I’ve been saving this plastic cord for ages. I couldn’t figure out how to tie it. A knot would have been too bulky. Then it hit me: one of those cord crimps! I don’t know how I couldn’t think of that before. I used little jingle bells on these. Hopefully they won’t drive me crazy while knitting.

I wanted to know if I could bend a really big loop. Seems to have worked ok. I bent the wire round a thick knitting needle. The beads are plastic. Don’t really want to use them on jewellery but they are just fine as stitch markers, I think.


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