Blue beads

Posted: June 13, 2010 in This & That

I have lots of blue beads so I tried to use some up. I made this bracelet which I think looks great. I don’t, however, like the noise it makes. I feel like a Chistmas tree when I wear it.

  1. Marion Coupe says:

    Hi Sari
    Was just browsing around and came across your blog, it’s lovely to see your work again, I love the socks, I would put in an order but don’t fancy the 10 year wait :o)
    I see husband is book making mmmmm….must get him into a swap!
    Love Marion

  2. Sari says:

    Hi Marion, nice the hear from you. I’d love to knit you a pair of socks but you can never tell with me, it could easily take that 10 years, or you could have the socks by the weekend 🙂 If I’m ever lucky enough to get to one of your crafting holidays, I’ll bring you a pair.
    Yes, hubby has made some books and he’s very good at it too. He has much more patient than me. I just go slap slap and if it doesn’t fit, I’ll move on to plan B. He sticks to the original idea. I’ll tell him about the swaps 😉

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