Tools of the trade

Posted: September 5, 2010 in ATC, Stamped cards

I usually stamp on top of a cutting board which has a piece of ordinary copy paper on top of it. This copy paper obviously gets very inky and messy very quickly and gets thrown in the bin when it gets too saturated with ink. Quite often this messy paper looks really nice and I always feel a bit hesitant throwing it away. Although I just slap things on, I slap in a very neat and orderly manner and I’m not very good at doing anything grungy and messy, unless of course it’s done by accident, like on these protector papers. This time I decided to use them. So, possibly for the first time ever, instead of minimalistic clean lines I give you utter mess:

  1. Don Swift says:

    I love this. Drop me a line explaing how you do this ‘stamping’. Can you do that?

  2. Sari says:

    Thanks. Well, stamping is done with stamps (duh). Traditionally they are made of rubber, but nowadays photopolymer is popular, but they can be made of foam or wood even. You must have seen rubber stamps in offices and in the post office, yes? Same thing, but stamps used by crafters are just much nicer and come with pictures of all sorts, or text and letters.

    Stamping is usually done with inks but other things can be used too, things like paints or bleach even. That’s were the creativity comes in. One stamp can be used in dozens of different ways. Imagine when the stamp collection contains hundreds, or even thousands, of stamps.

    Let me know if there’s anything specific you wanted to know. I’ll run a stamping workshop for you when I’m in your neck of the woods šŸ™‚

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