Wall thing

Posted: September 21, 2010 in This & That

I made a…erm…a thing. I suppose it’s like a wall thing…erm…wall hanging…or something. I had pieces of aluminium can left over and wanted to use them up. I never drink anything out of cans, unless I have to. I do anything for my crafts though and there was this one time when I needed some aluminium pieces and so I gave this English dry cider a go. The aluminium was great but I really don’t like cider, not even the bone dry ones, and the Finnish cider [spits on the floor] I wouldn’t touch with a nine foot pole. Having said that, I think I’d like to dry that cider from Somerset though, you know, the one that comes with all the beaks and feathers still in it, hehe.

Anyway, so I had these bits of aluminium can which I cut into little pieces, embossed and coloured them with alcohol inks and glued them onto a piece of chipboard coated with crumbled up piece of aluminium foil. Once dry, I glued the hole thing onto another piece of chipboard which I had coated with black paper. Then I just attached a clip and a ball chain for hanging.

  1. Marion says:

    Looks fab, I love playing with metal

  2. Sari says:

    Thanks Marion. I like playing with metal too.

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