Plastic fantastic

Posted: September 29, 2010 in Minibooks

Waste not, want not. That’s one of my mottos. I had some thick, translucent plastic bags and I knew I could use them somehow. The other day I took out the ironing board and iron and started to melt stuff. I had a piece of copy paper, then two layers of plastic and another piece of copy paper and with the very hot iron I melted the plastic. The melted piece looked a lot like a bookcover, so I put yet another piece of copy paper in between the folded plastic sheet and pressed with the iron to get a (somewhat) crisp fold.

This first book has two layers of thick plastic for the cover, purple paper for pages and it has been bound using a simple pamphlet stitch. I left the ends of the thread outside of the spine and added some beads.

My plan was to melt the plastic neat and without wrinkles but it didn’t quite work out like that. The elephant skin like texture is quite nice though.

The second book is sturdier. I used 4 layers of plastic and sandwiched some glittery embroidery thread in between the layers.


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