Never felt this way before

Posted: October 12, 2010 in Knitting & crochet, This & That

Do you remember this bag? Well, I still had some pieces left over from that old felted cardigan so I thought I’d best get rid of them and made another bag.

I quite like it. It’s very boxy and small. I do often run before I can walk, and so I made the bag without thinking about the strap. I didn’t have enough of the cardigan left for such a long piece, I didn’t want a fabric strap so I ended up patching one up using little pieces of the cardigan. It’s not ideal and it’s not that nice either but since the bag is a bit of a patch up anyway, why not the strap too? I didn’t even try to make the strap neat but left the seams on top, just like on the bag.

After all that I had just a small piece of felt left and I felt (hehe) I should use it up. I’ve been meaning to make a pincushion for a while and now was the perfect time.

How’s this for a muffin of mass-destruction? The bottom is an empty pineapple tin and there’s even a little cherry on top. The best thing though is that my horribly itchy cardigan is history and instead I have two bags and a pincushion. The Cardigan was handmade in Estonia and destroyed and re-assembled in Finland. Talk about kindred talents!


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