Anodised metal jumper

Posted: October 16, 2010 in Knitting & crochet

Time for another jumper. I got this yarn maybe 25 years ago so there’s enough procrastination there, methinks. I found the yarn in a sale basket and liked the colour. It’s a bit like anodised metal, which I like. I’ve seen jumpers like this here and there on the Internet but I’ve not managed to find a pattern, so I made one up. I’m quite pleased with it. Can you tell that it was a cold and windy day when the picture was taken? I didn’t realise at the time that I’ve clenched my fists like that.

  1. Marion Coupe says:

    25 years, just enough for the wool to come back into fashion!

  2. Sari says:

    Haha, my thoughts exactly.

  3. Ronald says:

    I know that face… I’ve seen it many times, when I’ve been drunk πŸ™‚

  4. Sari says:

    Yes, it’s probably the same dude who turns up in every single party you go to πŸ™‚

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