What is the hatter with me?

Posted: January 8, 2011 in Knitting & crochet

I’ve turned into a mad hatter! I made a hat which is knitted and felted. The knitted hat needs to be HUGE.

The felting (in the washing machine) shrinks it.

The idea was that the pointy thing on top would be a bit thinner and longer so that I could put a knot in it, but it ended up looking like a finger.

I bent the ear flaps and I think they look cool but I’m not happy walking around and giving the finger to everyone.

So I folded the ‘finger’ over and secured it with two star-shaped polymer clay buttons I made earlier. Now I’m happy with it. My marvellous, most excellent purple hat!

  1. […] was so pleased with my first hat that I immediately set out to make another one. I started the second one with the same pattern but […]

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