I’ve never felt this bad before

Posted: January 15, 2011 in Knitting & crochet

I was so pleased with my first hat that I immediately set out to make another one. I started the second one with the same pattern but different yarn. As it was almost finished, I realised that the yarn was not enough, so I undid it, left out the ear flaps and made it slightly smaller. This time I was spot on with the yarn and finished the hat with a meter of yarn left over. Here is the gigantic hat before felting.

Into the washing machine it went and out it came looking almost the same. I popped it in again, this time with a hotter wash, and it felted and shrank a little. Very little. Good thing about a hat like this is that it was very warm. Even my face was warm in the -31C temperature. The downside was that I couldn’t see where I was going.

Strange. The yarn is 100% wool, hand wash only, so in theory it should felt, but it didn’t. It ended up being a bucket instead of a hat.

Perhaps I’ll use it as my knitting basket.


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