Some grasses

Posted: April 20, 2012 in Stamped cards

I love the resist technique and I love the simplicity of these Artemio ‘ Modern grasses’ stamps. Just can’t resist them. No wait, I just did!

I don’t know how to translate the text ‘onnea ja iloa’. ‘Onnea’ is the word that is used to say ‘Happy Birthday’ or it can be used for any other occasion too. Literally it means ‘good luck’ or ‘congratulations’ but it’s a lot more versatile than those. It basically works with any occasion. Finnish language often scares the living daylights out of those who don’t know it, with its really long words with several dots over a’s and o’s. And then we come back with a word such as ‘onnea’. Now how Spartan and energy-saving is that?

What’s ‘onnea ja iloa’ I hear you asking. Well, it’s all of that above, plus ‘and joy’. Simple, eh?

Do you want a twist to the story? Of course you do. So, ‘onnea’ means literally ‘good luck’. When a Finn wishes anyone ‘good luck’, he/she usually says ‘lycka till’, which is the same but in Swedish. Unbelievable, right?


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