New journal

Posted: April 23, 2012 in Journaling

I’ve started a new art journal. I received two books through the post which are adverts for some books and DVDs and I knew immediately that I would alter these little books. Now, years later, I’ve finally done it. I glued pages together to make them thicker and gessoed the whole thing before colouring the pages with various inks and paints.

The idea of this art journal is to learn to do the pages without thinking too much about them. I think my problem is that my pages are always too contrived. I’m trying if I could just ‘go with the flow’ and maybe somewhere along the way I’ll find a style of my own, or at least learn a thing or two.

I finished the first page and it was ok. The second page, the super hero one, is just awful. I was yapping to myself, saying that it looks like a little kid did it, to which hubby said ‘but you’re just a big kid’. So I guess it’s ok then. Little kid, big kid, what’s the difference?

Also, I’m going to write with my own terrible handwriting. Good luck trying to read it.

  1. […] And here are the individual pages. The rest of the pages from this book are here and here. […]

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