Handy-dandy yarn bucket

Posted: May 5, 2012 in Knitting & crochet, This & That

I eat jogurt every morning, quite literally by the bucket. They are handy little buckets with lids, and it’s obvious that one day I will need them for something, so I’ve kept quite a few. The other day I realised that the buckets would make excellent yarn buckets. There’s probably a fancy name for them, but I’ll just call them yarn buckets. I poked a hole in the lid and put a big eyelet on it (the kind one would use on curtains or sails) and then I covered the whole bucket and the lid with aluminium tape. I was in a rush to get back to knitting – hence the spartan and not-so-neat decoration. The bucket is only small and will only take one yarn ball but it works a treat. No more diving under the table fetching the escaped yarn ball, only to find it totally covered in dog hairs. And yes, you clever cloggs, I know the vac has been invented, but if there’s crafting or vacuming to do, which one do you think I’d go for? Exactly!


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