Keys and houses

Posted: June 13, 2012 in ATC, Stamp carving

I’m in the middle of a stamp carving lark – again. I knew I’d need a key. And not a stylish and decorative old-fashioned one but your box-standard kind of key. I tested it with an ATC and while I was at it, I tested some older house stamps too.

The pending summer is proving to be almost like a thriller. In excitement I wait for a new day to see if it will end up being a little warmer as forecasted, or will it continue to be cold. It’s like the summer is mocking me. It gives me half a day of nice warmth with some sunshine and then the rain and cold wind arrives again. It’s *supposed* to get warmer tomorrow, but in anticipation I bought a nice, colourful ball of thick woolly yarn today. My new motto should be something like: If you’re too cold in shorts, knit a warm hat. Kind of goes without saying. Doh.


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