Super breakfast

Posted: June 16, 2012 in This & That

This morning as I was getting my breakfast ready I realised how utterly Finnish it was. I don’t usually (ever) post pictures of food but there’s a first time for everything. This breakfast is so Finnish that two out of three ingredients haven’t even got an English translation. This is viili with talkkuna and lingonberries. Ok, I will explain.

Viili is a Finnish fermented milk product which is yogurt-like in the way that it doesn’t taste like yogurt, it’s gelatinous and stringy. The difference with yogurt is in the fermentation process. Viili is the results of microbial action of lactic acid bacteria and a surface-growing yeast-like fungus present in milk, which forms a velvet-like surface on viili. Sounds kind of gross but it’s actually quite nice. Viili originated in Sweden but it’s nowadays considered a Finnish specialty.

Talkkuna flour is a genuine milled and cooked cereal product. It is made of Finnish unhusked cereals: oats, barley and rye. It’s a traditional Finnish flour and it’s slightly different in different parts of the country. The one I’m using now is from the west. In the east Talkkuna usually contains oats, barley and peas. It’s very high in fibre and can be added to yogurt, viili and sour milk (piimä in Finnish – again, I’m not even sure if Finnish piimä is the same as sour milk). In baking talkkuna can replace some of the wheat flour, making things healthier. It has a funny kind of taste which I can’t quite put into words, but Horlicks and Maltesers spring to mind. I can’t decide which one. I’m going to have to try both Horlicks and Maltesers next time I’m in Britain. All in the name of science, of course.

And lingonberries then. They only grow in the boreal forests and Arctic tundra areas, so basically they grow in all the forests all around me, practically on my doorstep. They are sour and have a kick like a mule. A name ‘Klingonberry’ would suit better since they totally kick ass!! Lingonberry is not terribly high in vitamins but it does contain plenty of minerals and trace elements and it’s also a good source of fibre.

So, there you have it. My breatfast; high in so many good things and low in many crappy things (like sugar – there’s none!). I’m not particularly interested in food but I go an extra mile for my breakfast. It’s my favourite meal of the day. My breakfast eats all other breakfasts for breakfast!!

Here’s a picture taken yesterday – just a proof that it’s not all ice and snow. Those clouds did built up into a massive thunderstorm just minutes after I made it back home. Water and trees – that’s what we have here, and plenty of them!


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