It’s curtains

Posted: August 11, 2012 in Sewing

And now in our series ‘101 things to do with old jeans – 102 if you wear them’… I’m not much of a couch potato but I do enjoy watching some films and TV series. The problem in the summer is that it’s so light all through the night and it’s made even worse by the midnight sun coming right through the front door so that all one can see on the TV screen is one’s own picture. Ever since we moved in here I’ve been meaning to make/buy some curtains that would block the light. Well, these sorts of things take time with me but finally, after 6 years, I’ve made a curtain! From old jeans, no less.

I cut the legs off, then split them on one side seam before sewing several of them together. I alternated their direction as they are kind of triangle-like in shape (you know, wider on the thighs and narrower on the ankles). I finished them off with narrow strips on both sides. The tieback is a piece of seam with a knot.

Hurrah, no more midnight sun ruining my TV experience!

The curtain pole is a little flimsy for the jeans curtain. I got it years ago for a different kind of curtain and it has bent a little with the weight of the jeans. I might have to get a tougher one later…

This is how I keep the curtain on the side of the window.

And this is how it looks when I pull it over if it’s sunny when I want to watch something on TV. Obviously, absolutely no need for this in the winter!!

Sorry about the creases. I should have photographed the curtain as soon as it was hung and not a month later.


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