A super-duper highway

Posted: August 31, 2012 in England, This & That

I know the M62 is just a motorway, but I think it’s a ‘special’ motorway. The construction of the section between junctions 21 and 23 included removing huge amounts of hills and peat bog, in dreadful weather conditions – it’s a real engineering masterpiece.

The highest point on all of English motorways: 372m above sea level.

“And I feel like the man who lives on that farm which sits in the middle of the M62.” *

There is an urban legend that a farmer refused to move out and so the M62 was build to go around his farm. This is, of course, just a legend. In reality the ground was not strong enough where the farm was so the eastbound part of the motorway was built below the farm and the westbound was built behind it and it is actually much higher up. If they wanted to get rid of the man and the farm, they would have done. No two ways about that!

So, there IS a farm in the middle of the M62! It’s quite a sight and I think I haven’t past the farm once without wondering how anyone could live there. M62 never sleeps. I wonder if the farmer does??

There it is, the farm – see, the white building behind the reservoir?

A close-up of the farm in the middle of the M62. See the cars in front and behind the farm building?

The landscape on this same section of the motorway is breathtaking! Well, I think so anyway. It’s funny to walk on the hills anywhere close to this area and once reaching a summit, the M62 is usually visible somewhere in the distance. It’s like it’s everywhere! Omnipresent motorway!!

Even the sheep keep an eye on the M62.

Lucky for walkers, when the M62 was constructed, they also built a foot bridge which goes over the motorway and allows the Pennine Way walkers to continue uninterrupted on the long journey through the moors and over the hills.

Pennine Way foot bridge

Crossing the foot bridge

Have you realised how someone as nerdy as me, who claims a motorway to be special, is actually never on it? Yes, I prefer to look at it from a distance, be next to it, even directly above it, but not so much on it.

Saddleworth Moor and ‘my special stretch of the motorway’.

*From a song by John Shuttleworth, and yes, I have to admit feeling like that myself sometimes.

  1. Hmmm – I have a totally different idea of the M62 seeing as how I used to have to commute on it in rush hour lol!! I really detest it. The highest point on an English motorway is Shap Summit on the M6 which is a staggering 1,036 miles above sea level so Saddleworth has a way to go yet to beat this, although the farm in the middle has always made me smile – how stubborn must the farmer have been. “No – go around me motorway people”!! Love it!! Lynn xx

  2. Sari says:

    Hehe, I can understand where you’re coming from Lynn 😉 I don’t exactly enjoy being stuck on the motorway either. I have to correct you though. Saddleworth IS the highest point on the English motorways, 1221ft. Shap is 1050ft and comes second.

  3. Eeeeps – you are right. I hadn’t noticed the “metres” after the measurement and I confused it with feet. I am easily confused lol!! xx

  4. Sari says:

    Hehe, I figured as much. There are simply too many numbers 🙂

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