Flying the flag

Posted: September 8, 2012 in England, Photography, This & That

This year was an interesting one to visit Britain. Not only because I haven’t done so for so many years but also because of the Jubilee and the Olympics. I’ve never seen the Brits wave so many flags before. In fact, I’ve never seen them waving flags, hoisting them up on flagpoles, decorating their cars with them and frankly, hanging them anywhere and everywhere. Of course I had to ‘bag some’.

Pub decorated with flags.

Union Flag teacups and picnic plates I understand but a chest of drawers? Really? The armchair is a pretty cool though.

Sorry about all the reflections. Those ladies are not really walking all over the Union Flag cushioned sofa.

Make tea, not war! A wartime tea room with Union Flags everywhere.

Let’s have clothes in Union Flag colours.

If our clothes are not in Union Flag colours, let’s change the colours of the Union Flag.

Halifax market is located in a fabulous Victorian building.

My MIL thought it was so cute that I’m so patriotic that I’d buy this book. I didn’t have a heart to say that it is journal fodder.

My dog, however, is rather patriotic.

Playing Patriot Games.

  1. Marion says:

    I see you went to the tea rooms in Hebden Bridge! so did we on a very hot day out. I was in Manchester the same time as you this year, pity we didn’t know, we could have met up.

  2. Sari says:

    Yes, we went to Hebden Bridge soon after it had flooded the second time this summer. Some business were still closed and there were sandbags all over the place. Oh, I wish I had known you were in Manchester too. It would have been great to meet up. Hopefully next time.

  3. billiescraftroom says:

    If you are loving the flag, have you found Serif Craft Artist software yet? Its kinda photoshop but more user friendly and there are several digital kits you can get for it that have the Union flag in them.

    Street party being one of them. Check out Diasy Trail for more info and for downloads, they just released a new version. Sign up to the site quick and get members pricing 😉

    Its FAB I’m hooked you can get just as creative as you would with inks and papers printout layers and projects to creat in real life or create your whole project on the computer and print it flat 😉

    Highly recommend it, its FAB! and excellent for long winter evenings



  4. Sari says:

    Oh, so Serif is still going? I used it in the 90’s and it was great then, although it was not called Serif Craft Artist then. I’ll look into it, thanks Billie.

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