It’s a conspiracy, I’m sure

Posted: April 14, 2013 in Doggies, Knitting & crochet
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Ages ago I promised the dogs a new rug. I knitted it using yarn cut from old t-shirts. I used a lot of t-shirts and it took forever to cut them. I kept getting Paddington stares from the dogs while knitting, knuckles white and aching, like there was some sort of urgency for the rug. Finally, it was finished.


I assumed there would be a fight between the two dogs for which one can sleep on it first. But guess what? No one touched it. For two days they deliberately walked around the goddamn rug. After two days Oskar finally went on the rug. He stayed a moment on the edge of it, like the rug was a leper or something.

Look, I’m on the rug. Alright?

What a fuss about a rug. Sheesh [rolls eyes]

I’m lying on it, I’m lying on it.

Dogs, eh?

  1. marion coupe says:

    Not their colours obviously!

    • Sari says:

      You know Marion, it’s possible that you are a genius! I never even thought about the colour. I kept thinking that it’s the smell, or rather the lack of it. I knew I shouldn’t have washed the shirts before cutting them. But now I think it’s the pink stripe that’s the problem.

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