Little camera case

Posted: April 29, 2013 in Sewing
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I have accidentally started to accumulate more and more cameras. Some of them are as old (young) as me. And although I have camera bags, sometimes I like to throw just one of the little cameras in my ordinary shoulder bag so I needed to make a case for one of the cameras for protection.

I used old jeans, what else? First I painted the fabric, and when I say ‘painted’ I mean ‘slapped some paint on it’. I also stamped some geometric shaped on it with acrylic paints. I then quilted the jeans fabric to some wadding. The case is lined, of course, and it boasts a fimo button I’ve made ages ago.

The original 40-year-old plastic strap gets very stiff in the cold during winter and it’s a little difficult to get out of the hole I made for it. It was fine when I made it but I didn’t take into account that almost always the plastic will be stiff as a board (I almost never use a camera inside and it’s almost always cold outside). I might need to enlarge the hole yet. But other than that, the case does exactly what it should, ie. protects the camera when it rattles about in my bag.


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