Travel journal on the go, sort of

Posted: May 10, 2013 in Journaling, Minibooks
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Do you remember this journal? From this post? When I made it, I was wondering if I’d ever use it outside the house. I like the idea of journaling ‘on the go’. I could see myself sitting in a nice cafe with a cuppa and maybe a lovely muffin or a slice of cake, journaling away, while others around me are messing with their iphones and ipads and isomething-elses. It would make me feel very bohemian and retro and I like that. But I’ve never crafted or journaled outside this house.

Well, look at this! The journal is full. I did take it to England with me last summer but I didn’t journal in a cafe, not even once. I journaled in the evenings in the in-laws house. I had a limited amount of stash with me and I was OK with that. I couldn’t keep up with it and only journaled the beginning of the trip while we were there. I had another journal with me with lined pages where I only wrote stuff and that journal I did keep up to date, and I kept it with me all times and even wrote in the plane, in trains and even on top of the Pennines (just not in cafes). I found it too much messing about to carry colouring pens and glue stick and stuff with me and to stay in cafes for hours. I do like to take my time in a cafe, but not all day. I’m too restless to sit there after I’ve finished my coffee and cakes.

I finished this journal at home. I did stick to my original plan and only used the same limited about of stash what I originally had with me in England. I took the stuff to the kitchen table and journaled there. Most of it I did over Christmas (yes, only half a year after the trip). I had coffee and cake, or chocolate, or a glass of wine and the journaling was so much fun (especially on those occasions I had wine). My own kitchen table worked as a cafe but unfortunately those really trendy people with their i-things didn’t see me with a real coloured pencil and a handmade book, but I think I can live with that.

I printed holiday pictures with my nifty Polaroid Pogo printer which plugs into the camera and prints pictures onto a special paper that uses no ink (it’s Zink as in Zero Ink). It’s not perfect and the colours come out all crap most of the time but in a way they are perfect for a travel journal. And yes, I do realise that using a nifty printer like that makes me almost the same as those trendy people with their gadgets and not as bohemian as I’d like to be but it’s the only way to get pictures onto the journal ‘on the go’. So there.


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