White and blue

Posted: May 21, 2013 in Photography
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The seasons are definitely changing now up here in the Arctic. Winter is ridiculously long, spring takes its time to get going but when it does arrive, it does it in an instant. Wham! Bang! And it’s here! I was still wearing a winter coat last week – it was that cold. The north wind went right through the bones. The next day all changed and shorts and a t-shirt was more suitable. I don’t know what it is now, spring or summer. It feels like summer but I’m being told by the locals that it’s not summer up here until the end of June. Whatever it is, it’s very pleasant at the moment.

Last Saturday evening we went out to make some pictures. We stopped by a camping site which always seems empty and closed. They seem to be doing it up since there are new cottages and the whole place is like a building site. They have these cute, little old sheds on the embankment of the river. They used to have sheds up here which were standing high up with only one leg in the middle, to keep the wild animals from the food. I’m not sure if this is one of those food storage sheds but I liked the way it looked. Can you see the tiny little green bits on the birches? That happened basically that same Saturday. Now the leaves are much bigger and it’s starting to look much greener.

Old shed by River Kitinen

I like this wooden head. I don’t think it’s anything typical to this area. It’s probably just someone’s sense of humour.

Detail from an old shed

And here’s the compulsory water picture! There is so much water in this country that it’s almost impossible to take a picture without water in it!! And of course if you’re anything like me, you go looking for it, too.

The sun rose today at 2:40 am and will set at 23:45 pm. Not much of the night left now! If only I could sell daylight, I’d be very, very rich!

River Kitinen

This is an artist’s vision of the before mentioned camping site. The picture of the river above was taken about where the white camper vans are.

Camping site sign


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