Of mice and men, recycled

Posted: June 3, 2013 in Journaling, Minibooks
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Yet another recycled journal. This one is quite nifty, too. It has covers from an old book (Steinbeck’s Of Mice and Men – in Finnish), pages from thick watercolour board and all held together with book rings. The pages will be easy to take out and put back. I left the cover of the book undecorated for a change and only glued some patterned paper on the inside since it was a bit tatty.

Nowadays before I take an old book to pieces, I read it. I have a stack of old books I’ve bought from the library and they are all in Finnish. I haven’t read any books in Finnish for quite a long time so this is all kind of new to me. At the moment I’m reading teenage books. Ha, that’s quite silly. I enjoyed Of Mice and Men. I’ve wanted to read it for a while now but never thought I’d be reading it in Finnish. It’s not a bad idea to read Finnish books since I fear my Finnish is deteriorating.

Incidentally, as I was writing this I thought I’ll have a look in Wikipedia if ‘Of Mice and Men’ has been translated into Finnish since (or before) the one I’ve just read. In Wikipedia’s search box I typed ‘hiiriä ja ihmisiä’ and Wikipedia said ‘Did you mean: ‘hirai jaa ihmiset’. Well no, Wikipedia, I didn’t mean ‘hirai jaa ihmiset’ because that’s gibberish but because it was linked I thought I’ll have a look what on earth it means and guess what? I clicked the link and Wikipedia simply said: The page “Hirai jaa ihmiset” does not exist. Thank you Wikipedia, you are not helping.


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