Couple of first times

Posted: July 13, 2013 in Stamped cards
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Couple of first times? Isn’t that a contradiction in terms? Well, not in this case.

I have been making more cards. Although I’ve used Distress Inks for years now and tried all sorts of techniques with them, I’ve never tried this one before: Put some inks onto an acrylic block, mist it slightly with water and press directly onto your card or paper. Voila, instant watercolour background box. I really like it and it’s so quick and easy, too.

And another first, a rosette. I’ve seen these all over the blogs but never tried to make one. I was going through some off-cuts and came across thin and long strips of card – perfect for rosettes. And again, it was so easy, although a little fiddly. The only question is, how well do these rosettes survive in the post?

And thirdly… nothing new here. Just straightforward stamping.


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