Midnight sun, one more time

Posted: July 14, 2013 in Photography
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Not only do we have the midnight sun, but we seem to have two of them!!!

This picture was taken close to midnight a week ago. As it happens, the nightless nights are now over. Tonight the sun will set for a few minutes for the first time in 6 weeks. I’ve never been oblivious to my surroundings but these days I seem to follow these things almost religiously. However, regardless of how much I follow these things, the dark evenings always creep up on me – every year. All of a sudden I realise that it’s actually dark. It’ll take some weeks yet but I’m sure the darkness will surprise me again. And even though the nightless nights are somehow magical, or somewhat strange at any rate, they are nothing compared to the dark starry nights.

Midnight sun, Porttikoski, Lapland

  1. billiescraftroom says:

    Ohh what a fabulous picture. Imagine that’s midnight wow, however do you get to sleep?

    Have you found Susan Tuttle yet? She takes images like these and blends them digitally with texture images. I’m hooked on this at the mo. Have been taking texture images from everywhere. Bark, bricks, wood, stone then using Photoshop to layer them over holiday pics, its lots of fun. I created a look like watercolour paper from a mill stone texture image I took.

    If you like photoshop and you are already a wonderful photographer check out her site, I think you might like it. She has books out too, but with the dyslexia I can’t read them as the text is printed over too many textures in the book grr. SO many publishers are doing that on information books these days.


  2. Sari says:

    Billie, I’m rather good at sleeping and usually I’m not bothered by the light at all. Some people need very thick curtains to darken the room to be able to sleep.

    Indeed I have found Susan Tuttle – I have one of her books, Photocraft. To be honest, I’ve not tried yet any of the things she shows in the book but I intent to. Thanks for the website, I’ve totally forgotten to check it out – thanks for the reminder. What I do do sometimes is add all sorts of effects to pictures I’m not totally happy with (I use software called Snapseed). A dull picture might look very nice when changed to look like a faded picture from the 50’s.

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