Heads in tiny boxes

Posted: July 25, 2013 in This & That
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Head in a box. Again. This is becoming a habit…

I have several empty, tiny little plastic boxes which used to have jump rings in them. I figured they would make great little magnets. I put some colourful patterned paper to the bottom of the boxes, stamped a little head for each and attached them with a huge pile of sticky fixers. The boxes are secured with colourful Washi tape. Rather cute, methinks.

  1. Sue says:

    These look like a fun thing to do but i’m more likely to use them to store tiny things. Sue x

    • Sari says:

      Sue, I know what you mean. I normally use little containers to store tiny things but I think it’s because these were square I just had to do something else with them. I have more of these and I might just glue a small magnet on them and use them as containers to store something in them and keep them on a magnetic board. I’ve done just that with old embossing powder jars.

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