Paper clips

Posted: August 3, 2013 in Journaling, This & That
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In the middle of tidying my play room I came across some colourful paper clips. There and then I attached some washi tape on them to make bookmarks or tabs for art journals and scrapbooks. They might even work on cards.

As well as showing the paper clip here, there’s also a little sampling of Finnish. According to ‘Foreign Service Institute’ in the US, Finnish is especially difficult for English speakers. Apparently it’s in the group of second most difficult languages in the world together with 40 other languages. However, Finnish not being related to Germanic or Latin languages makes it especially difficult for English speakers, and the 15 case endings and other curiosities surely don’t help either. Other especially difficult languages for an English speaker are Japanese, Estonian, Hungarian, Georgian, Mongolian, Thai and Vietnamese. Languages that are especially easy for an English speaker are Swedish, Norwegian, Danish, French, Dutch, Spanish and Romanian. If you happen to be a Finn, like yours truly here, you just have to study languages regardless of how easy or difficult they are because otherwise no one would understand you.

I’m such a sucker for facts such as this!!

  1. billiescraftroom says:


    Fantastic idea, as you say would be great for art journals.

    Happy Crafting

    Billie x

  2. Sari says:

    Thanks Billie!

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