A few cards to prove that I’m still alive

Posted: August 13, 2013 in Stamped cards
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Busy busy busy. I’ve been making stuff steadily but there doesn’t seem to be any time to sit down long enough to post anything here. I’m trying to do this now as fast as I can – excuse any spelling mistakes and incoherent thoughts (ha, like I could really avoid those!!). Anyway, here are some cards. First two are for birthdays.

I had some watercolour card and pieces of tissue paper on my desk, so to get a quick background, I just tossed the tissue pieces on the card and sprayed a little water on top. The colours bleed nicely. I didn’t, however, mean to make a Halloween card at all. It just sort of happened but I like it. I have a thing about heads on sticks. Also, I love the nuclear waste green card stock with black stamping on it.

Magic and mushrooms always go together, right? We have plenty of mushrooms here and somehow the dogs always find the less magical ones – I mean, the ones that make them sick. The dogs are not dead yet, so maybe the mushrooms are magic mushrooms after all and not poisonous ones. Who knows, maybe in the doggy world being high means projectile vomiting and heavy drooling. Quite magical. Not.

The last card is a christening card for my newest niece. She was aptly named Lumi, which means ‘snow’.

  1. Marion says:

    Still loving seeing your stuff and your banter, Thanks

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