The emptiness of an airport

Posted: September 11, 2013 in Photography
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A few weeks ago my mum came for a visit. It’s an almost 200 km journey to the airport, so we left in good time and arrived there with just less than an hour to kill.

Airports are one of those continually busy places, right? Wrong. The airport of the capital of Lapland, Rovaniemi airport, looked like this just before the last flight of the day.

Rovaniemi airport, Lapland

I looked everywhere but there was no one there – no passengers, no one to pick anyone up, no staff.

Rovaniemi airport, Lapland

For once I could have sat anywhere. I mean, anywhere.

Rovaniemi airport, Lapland

All the trolleys were neatly in place, the stuffed toy display was looking a little sorry in the middle of the empty (and the only one at this airport) baggage conveyer belt.

Rovaniemi airport, Lapland

There was nothing to do so I thought a cup of coffee would pass the time but hey, the cafe was closed at this hour. Maybe I could look around in the gift shop? Nope. Closed.

Rovaniemi airport, Lapland

I had less than an hour to wait, so I just hang in there.

Rovaniemi airport, Lapland

It was a fabulous evening and the reindeer, which have become the symbol of the whole town, looked magnificent and sparkly in the golden evening sun just outside the airport building.

Rovaniemi airport, Lapland

Don’t get me wrong. I’m not complaining. I like it quiet and empty. But I guess the city girl in me still hasn’t quite got used to the idea of certain places being this empty up here. The good thing about small airports is that when things do eventually start to happen, they happen very quickly. As my mum’s plane landed, slightly ahead of schedule, it took just a few minutes for people to start pouring out of the plane. The bags started to arrive even sooner.

I have to say though, that in a few months time when people from all over the world come to see Father Christmas, snow, northern lights and all the other icy things of the northern winter, this airport will not be so empty.


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