Moulding stuff

Posted: September 15, 2013 in This & That

I’ve had these mouldable foam stamps for ages but never really got into them. I decided it was time for a re-visit. I love them now!!! They are simply blocks of thick foam which you heat with a heat tool and then press onto an object with texture and voila, a new stamp is ready. You can reheat and repress the foam block anytime to make a different stamp. Or keep it as it is, of course.

I’ve so far only used things I’ve found in the house. There are all the things outside yet to try; leaves, plants, rocks, pinecones, twigs, bark…erm…earth…roads. Well, I do need to be able to bring all the stuff inside, so perhaps I’ll not try roads. Shame, a dirt track could be awesome.

This is what I’ve done so far (and these are all keepers). Plastic bug embellishments.

Bubble wrap. This is my favourite.



Washers. I did this on top of a table mat and got the ribbed surface of the table mat in between the washers, too. Cool.

Big ball chains.

Corrugated card.

Long grain rice. I wanted to try various shapes of pasta too, but there was none in the cupboards :O .

Film canister tops.


Zips. I wasn’t sure how these would come out but I’m totally amazed. I love this. I will have to try a doll’s face. I’m sure it would also look amazing, if not freaky.

Woven basket.

  1. Love these. They are along the same lines as some of mine, but I just used foam. Not heard of special stamps, and yours look quite big!

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