There is a reward for those who wait

Posted: September 27, 2013 in Photography
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Couple of miles from my house, on the side of a road, is a hill from which one can see a swampy pond and surrounding hills. The view is especially nice right now with all the autumnal colours. I climbed on that hill twice last week to take pictures but had to come back down empty-handed as the sun never showed up. Third time lucky, I thought as I was stood up there again the other day, looking at the massive cloud covering the sun – again – and hoping that it would go away. It was freezing as the north wind was blowing almost a gale. I waited and waited, shivering. I was jumping up and down, pacing back and forth, trying to remain optimistic and not freeze to death. And then the sun came out and I was clearly rewarded with the most amazing rainbow for having been so patient. And not just that but the rainbow was actually exactly there where I had my camera pointing at. I could not have been luckier. I love it when that happens.

Rainbow with autumnal colours, Sodankylä, Lapland

  1. Marion says:

    And some of us just love waiting to see what you come up with :o)
    Love the photo

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