Christmas cards

Posted: October 13, 2013 in Cards, Christmas cards, Stamped cards
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Finally, some Christmas cards. First one is some ‘postage stamps’ and a reindeer – just stamping and masking.

I really like these. A symmetrical shape, in these cases a circle and a triangle-shaped tree, are cut from old book pages – 4 for each – and then folded in half. Then one half is glued to the half of the next piece, which is then glued to the next, and so on until all 4 pieces are glued together. Then it’s glued to the card. I think they look great. Probably a bit of a pain in-the-you-know-where to post but who cares?

I often use leftover pieces of cardstock to make cards and that’s why they are often oddly shaped.

I have lots of alcohol ink backgrounds, usually from cleaning the leftover alcohol ink from other projects. Luckily I like the messy backgrounds with simple images embossed on them.

Baubles are probably my favourite Christmas images. Somehow, one can’t go wrong with them. The silver paper behind the bauble is not actually paper but some kind of plastic. I got some mail in it once and saved it. It’s shiny, like mirror and incredibly slippy. It was almost humanly impossible to cut straight.


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