Mitts to knit

Posted: November 13, 2013 in Knitting & crochet

All last summer I knitted nothing but mittens. With or without fingers. They are quick and easy and they allow me to follow a film at the same time without missing what’s happening in the film and without making mistakes with the knitting (well, in theory). The idea with fingerless mitts is that they allow the fingers to fiddle with camera knobs while providing a bit of warmth. The problem is that in this country it’s either way too hot for any mitts or it’s simply way too cold for them. If you’re quick and on the ball, there is a small window each year to wear fingerless mitts. Now I have a collection for those rare days.

About knitting while watching films…I don’t like to watch anything on TV with lots of lights on and of course knitting in the darkness is not always the easiest thing to do. Well, it’s easy enough but one can’t really see what one is doing. These mitts (below) were supposed to be beige with various leftover yarns for stripes. First one done, no problem. On the second one I just finished the strips on the wrist and that’s when the film ended and I put more lights on. Bloody hell, the stripes were black, not blue like on the first mitt. Oh well. I knitted the rest of the strips differently, too.

And these if any are true leftover mittens. After finishing them I had literally just couple of inches of the yarn left.

Slightly uneven thicknesses on the various colous here but at least I got the strips the same.

I’d like to knit something else now but can’t really get going with anything. Sigh. Maybe soon.


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