Scrappy pages

Posted: November 22, 2013 in Journaling, Minibooks
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I finished yet another journal sometime in the early autumn. I don’t know why it has to take this long to get pictures online, but it does. Anyway, I was planning on painting the covers but then got lazy and glued strips of patterned paper on them instead. The papers are actually cut from an old scrapbook catalogue – hence the merry mixture. Most other pages use all sorts of scraps, too, and other founds bits.

Here are earlier pages from this journal.

The last two pages are the insides of the front covers. I wanted to stamp a quote on the first page with stamps I’ve carved myself from erasers. Ha, I quickly ran out of space, so it went on from the first page to the last page…and still it didn’t fit. I had to add a strip of paper which folds in and out. I knew those letter stamps were big but I had no idea they were that big. I had to reinvent English grammer, too. Good luck trying to read this!

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