Ice treasure

Posted: January 18, 2014 in Doggies, Photography
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Hullo! It is I, Oskar. I enjoy looking for ice lumps and you’d never know what I found the other day. I was digging in a pile of snow where we had some nice lights before, and inside the snow I found this:

Oskar with ice

It is a big piece of ice but it has a hole in the middle and it is very easy to carry. I just put my nose throught it. I prance around like a pony, wagging my tail and don’t let anyone touch my ice. It is my treasure.

Oskar with ice

I wanted to take the ice with me to the house but Sari said I can’t. I pranced a little more and tried to sneak it in but in the end we made a deal. I left the ice outside and Sari gave me a biccie. Nom nom.

Oskar with ice

Here I am, back in the warm house, lying on my own comfy chair. Sari says I’m the silliest dog in the world but I think she’s just kidding. But guess what, when I went out the next time, I found the same ice lump with a hole in the middle and I pranced around again carrying the ice and not letting anyone else get it. It was a great day.


  1. billiescraftroom says:

    Oh what a sweetheart. Love his ice treasure.

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