Lines, lines, lines

Posted: February 18, 2014 in This & That

I drew an image – or rather just lines – on a thick piece of chipboard with hot glue. The chipboard is A5 in size and the idea is that I can make stamps with either mouldable foam or simply with fun foam. I started by drawing lines with a pencil on the chipboard but it’s actually much easier to just go cold turkey and forget about the lines. The only problem was the actually gun. I don’t know if I’m not letting the glue to warm up enough and is the gun just cheap and nasty (ha, I got it for free) but it really hurt my trigger finger. So much so that I almost couldn’t finish the whole A5. But, like a real trooper, I worked through the pain and finished the whole board and then left it to dry.

Then all I needed to do was to heat my foam stamp and press it onto the glue board. Let it cool down just a bit and…oh crap, it was stuck. For a few seconds I thought that I’ve gone and hot glued my stamp to a piece of chipboard, but the foam stamp comes off nicely once you stop being a girl and just pull it off. No harm comes to the stamp or the glue board. Positioning the foam stamp on a different part of the glue board produces a different stamp (obviously).

So, I made many.

I also cut fun foam pieces into various sizes and shapes. I like stamps with just various graphic shapes (well, lines and dots) but would be nice to try a more elaborate image with the glue gun. I wonder if my trigger finger would be ok if I wore thick gloves?


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