Recycling cards

Posted: June 13, 2014 in Journaling
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Old (store-bought) greetings cards are great for journal making. I’ve been collecting them for some time now and finally made them into for three new journals. I only used really nice cards – the kind I wanted to keep and I thought in a journal they would be safe. I cut the fronts of the cards for journal pages. They are all slightly different sizes, but that’s ok. The covers are the backsides of the cards which I covered with patterned paper on both sides.

If there was any writing on the back of the picture side, I glued on some paper to hide it. So the idea is that the pictures in this journal are just nice and to be looked at but the writing is done only on the other side, the blank sides. This is good because the blank sides are on the left and as a lefty it is much easier for me to write on the left side of the wire binding than it would be on the right side.

This is another book where I chose mainly square cards or almost square cards.

Some of the blank sides were covered completely with patterned paper, whereas some only partly. Some were left blank and I can do with them what I want once I come to write on them. If the white looks too boring, I’ll cover them up later, or maybe I’ll glue on some ticket stubs, leaflets, receipts or whatnot.

And there’s a third one. I used book rings on this one to keep it together. This is a Christmas journal and I used only Christmas cards. The covers are patterned card stock.

This journal has cards of all sizes – some are tiny and some are not so tiny.

Ta-dah! Three new journals, just like that. I love re-using old stuff. Waste not, want not! I’m just about to complete an older greetings card journal I’ve been journaling on for the past few months. I use these types of journals more like a traditional diary, although I don’t record my daily doings as such. But it’s good to write down things you want to remember: good books and films (or bad books and films), places, events, funny things spotted somewhere, unusual things, rants, good wine/beer, anything.


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