Board beads

Posted: June 28, 2014 in This & That
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Once again I’ve made some beads from cereal boxes. I love these. I love making beads from paper too, but the ones from card are so deliciously junky that they knock the spots off paper beads hands down.

I’ve made some jewellery from cereal box beads but I think I might use these for other purposes, like decorating art journals. The colours aren’t always the nicest on the type of cereal we use but that’s ok. There’s always a bit of red or blue or something, amongst all the brown and beige.

A-haa, colour! I coated all these beads with old clear nail varnish. I don’t usually bother with such things as nail varnish on my nails and I have several bottles about to dry up. Best to use it on something, right?

I messed with some off cut beads and coated them with blue and gold nail varnish. The three beads on the left were coated with glitter glue first and then with clear nail varnish.

These last ones are paper beads. They were cut from an advert and the paper is like newsprint paper. But I like the numbers and the bright yellow. These will also end up on a journal or something similar.


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