Posted: January 5, 2016 in Doggies, Photography
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Dogs are not allowed on the sofa and they know it. They have taken over two armchairs already and I think that’s enough for them. Oskar still goes on the sofa whenever he thinks I’m not looking. As a punishment, he had to pose for a picture. With glasses on. Doesn’t he look distinguished?

Old and wise

Tesla, on the other hand, is not as naughty as Oskar. This boy is never still, and by never I mean NEVER EVER, and that is why we have very few pictures of him. I have tons of pictures of the tip of his tail. After taken a picture of Oskar, I put the glasses on Tesla and I know from experience that glasses stay on for a nanosecond and if one wanted a picture of Tesla WITH glasses, one would have to be nothing short of a magician. So, here we are, a picture of Tesla with glasses (and his ball, of course)!

I can see my favourite ball!


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