Art journals again

Posted: January 9, 2016 in Journaling
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Let’s have some more art journal pages. This is another children’s book. I painted the covers yellow and stamped flowers at the back and the word ‘journal’ on the front. Relatively minimalist again.

This is an actual drawing! By yours truly! It’s actually not that difficult to draw at all and I enjoyed colouring it too.

The next two pages are (obviously) price tags from charity shops from our last trip to the UK. I love looking for a bargain while helping those in need. Plus the tags and nice and colourful – it would be a shame to throw them all away.

This is a weather report. It says: To be expected till the evening: In the whole country: Snow.

I found the gingerbread Finland image in a magazine, although I have used the same biscuit cutter myself.

And another drawing. Again, this was kid’s play! The hand is mine and even though it looks like I have no knuckles, in the real world I have.

Isn’t this journal full of unusual stuff? Now a comic, ha. It’s called ‘Snowman’s surprise’.
First the snowman says: ‘I chose this present.’
And then ‘Look very carefully! Here it is.’
And then: ‘And here.’
Next he says: ‘Oh, where did the present disappear?’
And finally: ‘Ta-dah!’
Happy Christmas.

Ha, I know, I’m hilarious!

Ok, back to normal stuff.

I quite like this camera page. The background is the actual children’s book page. I liked it and there was just enough space for the text and picture. I covered the original text with gesso and then paint.

This quote is soooo true. Sadly.

The background with balls and stripes on this last one is a napkin.

  1. Julie says:

    Wonderful post, Sari! You’ve been busy. I especially like your colorful drawing and the Sunburst with text strips. You are so creative and have such a keen eye for just the right details. Thank you for sharing!

  2. Marion says:

    Loving your journals they make me smile, I’m beginning to miss paper crafting and playing around, I must get back to it x

    • Sari says:

      Thanks Marion. There’s something about paper crafting! Even after long breaks it’s great to get back to – even if it’s just for one little session.

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