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Here are some more cards from my excellent ‘business card book’. Once again, everything on these cards are scraps and found stuff.



I have moved house many times over the past…well, I’ve moved a lot since I moved away from home. As a result I have lots of out-of-date business cards. I’ve kept them, like you do, knowing that one day I’ll ‘need’ them for something. Only I had no idea what I could do with old business cards. And then it hit me. I’m going to use them for a business card book. Yes, a business card book – that’s what I’ll call it. Basically I’ll just cover a card with some paper and decorate with various things – so this is another recycling opportunity – and then punch a hole and place onto a book ring. I have probably hundreds of these cards, so this is going to be one of these life-long projects.

The thing is, I like projects like this. I can use whatever I have left over from other projects, things I’ve kept or found, and perhaps I can even test any little ideas I get. So far everything I’ve used are from my box of bits.

So, this is the start.