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Hanging in there

Posted: February 19, 2014 in Canvas, This & That
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I stamped, embossed and coloured an image, framed it and hung it on the wall. This was almost 20 years ago. The image was a PSX image; very nice, and I think I coloured it quite nicely too, but there was nothing special about it. For years now I’ve been meaning to replace the image and finally I’ve done it (talk about not rushing into things!). The new image is a lot brighter (and messier) and the little splatters of gold mica watercolour sparkle nicely when the light hits them. It hangs on the wall in the hall, and every day when I’m going out or coming in, I look at it and it’s like a breath of fresh air (or is that because I’m coming in from the fresh air?). Anyway, I’m quite pleased with it. For now. Perhaps in 20 years time I’ll have to replace it again.


Here’s another little picture for the wall. I made it using a piece of cardboard from a cardboard box. Just added some gesso, acrylic paints, bit of stencilling and some transfers using an old telephone book and then cut out the flower from an old book. That’s it.

Where is art

Posted: March 6, 2013 in Canvas, This & That
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Oops, did I forget I have a blog? Seems that way, doesn’t it? The truth is, this was just one of my creative breaks, aka lazy spells. However, I’ve been busy making stuff, or perhaps not exactly busy but I’ve been making stuff all the same. I decided to make art to display on my walls. I never do that. I make something and put it away somewhere where no one ever sees it.

Anyway, this piece will, eventually, end up on a wall. All I need to do is add some kind of loop for hanging. This was made on a piece of polystyrene I found in some packaging. It has several layers of gesso on it first, before I slapped on the acrylic paint. I went all close and personal with this and used my fingers only – no brushes. It was fun. I’ve already started my next thing-to-hang-on-the-wall. It will also be made on top of some recycled piece of something or other.

Canvas and paper

Posted: October 24, 2010 in Canvas

I tried to transfer a patterned paper onto a piece of sticky-back canvas and what do you know? It works!

That’s so cool. What you do is this: take a piece of sticky-back canvas and a piece of patterned paper the same size. Get rid of the backing on the canvas and lay it on the table the sticky side up. Glue the patterned paper on it the image side down and burnish well. Spray some water on it and start rubbing with your finger until the paper starts to come off. Keep going, adding some water as necessary until all the paper is gone. Take some matte multi-medium with your finger and rub it on to get rid off all the rest of the paper bits. Let dry. Done. Now your favourite patterned paper is fabric and it can be sewn onto your clothing or anywhere you like. I need to sew a new bag, just for this.

Last scraps

Posted: October 22, 2010 in Canvas, This & That

I’ve had a piece of painted and stamped canvas on my desk forever and I was getting sick of it getting in my way. I painted it originally for these dudes, but I also used it to make this necklace, and this, and this bracelet too, and then there’s this bracelet as well. So, it’s kind of nice to see the back of that piece of canvas. This is what I made with the last scraps.

I might pop these in the envelopes with Christmas cards, but the Punisher is mine!

Drawer no. 4

Posted: December 4, 2009 in Canvas, Christmas calendar, This & That

Time to open drawer no. 4

The beads are made of canvas leftovers. They have been rolled around a cocktail stick and glued using gel medium. Bits of chain, some glass beads, and the necklace was finished. I also made a matching bracelet.

Canvas necklace

Posted: July 11, 2009 in Canvas, This & That

I had four leftover canvas pieces after making this bracelet. So I made a matching necklace. The white shirt is also something I just whipped up. Knitting is not something I usually like doing in the summer but since it has been rather wintry I have been knitting like a woman possessed.