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Happy New Year! Doglets are out today wearing baby socks. It’s -40°C today – courtesy of Siberia. This morning, before we put the socks on, Oskar refused to put more than two paws on the ground and therefore, had to be carried. They can stay outside a lot longer with the socks on. The masking tape around the ankles starts to freeze and crack pretty soon though but it’s still better than no socks. We have proper doggie boots too, but they come off just as easily and are a lot more difficult to put on 8 paws of two very excitable cockers. Roll on summer!




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Dogs are not allowed on the sofa and they know it. They have taken over two armchairs already and I think that’s enough for them. Oskar still goes on the sofa whenever he thinks I’m not looking. As a punishment, he had to pose for a picture. With glasses on. Doesn’t he look distinguished?

Old and wise

Tesla, on the other hand, is not as naughty as Oskar. This boy is never still, and by never I mean NEVER EVER, and that is why we have very few pictures of him. I have tons of pictures of the tip of his tail. After taken a picture of Oskar, I put the glasses on Tesla and I know from experience that glasses stay on for a nanosecond and if one wanted a picture of Tesla WITH glasses, one would have to be nothing short of a magician. So, here we are, a picture of Tesla with glasses (and his ball, of course)!

I can see my favourite ball!

Hello, it is I, Sari! I used to blog here. It’s been almost a year since my last post. There is no drama as such in my disappearance. To say that I’ve been busy would be an understatement. To say that I’ve been lazy would be the understatement of a century. The longer I left it, that more difficult it became to write a post, and eventually not posting became a habit. That’s all there is to it.

I’m still crafting (obviously) and I’ll try and post pictures of my creations as and when I get my blogging head properly screwed on. I still live up on the Arctic with two mad dogs and an Englishman. I still love the seasons (all 8 of them!) and the landscape up here, and although I’ve been taking a lot less pictures than I used to, I’m sure I can find some for you to see. The whole year since I last posted has been bobbins, weatherwise. Last winter it would not stop snowing and summer was like winter, only with less snow, and this winter had a very sluggish start. Up here we like the winter to be winter-like, you know, cold and snowy, and usually it is. This winter, however, the temperature has been up and down and the winter doesn’t really seem to know whether it’s coming or going.

The river below has frozen over and melted again many times over the past couple of months. This pictures was taken sometime towards the end of October.

River Kitinen freezing over

This is practically my back yard! The picture was taken in November after it finally snowed. We have over half a meter of the stuff now! I’m a sucker for useless information and here’s something that happened just about a week ago: A tiny spot just where we are was the coldest tiny spot in the country (-30,2C) and at the same time the temperature in the south coast of Finland, about 1000 km southward from here, was +6C. That’s a difference of over 36 degrees, people. Isn’t that fascinating?!

Early winter morning

And lastly the compulsory picture of the mad dogs! Do I need to say that they are as mad as ever? Well, they are. Here they are enjoying the swamp (the same place as the previous picture) after it just froze over in October.

Dogs on the frozen swamp

So, there you go. I’m still live and kicking and will be back shortly with more stuff. Happy solstice! The day is going to get longer now and in two days time the sun will rise again here – if only for a few minutes, but still. It will rise. See you soon.

Hot dog, jumping frog

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Here are my sweet boys, Oskar and Tesla. Tesla is the scruff-bag at the back.

Tesla is always ready to play and he’s always trying to get Oskar to chase him. Oskar is more of a lone stranger and prefers to mind his own business.

See, there he goes! Oskar is well camouflaged at this time of year!

Isn’t he a fine looking specimen?

Tesla is a happy-go-lucky kind of boy and it’s not easy to see any more than one of his paws on the ground at any one time.

See what I mean? Is he perhaps the first ever flying dog?

Ice treasure

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Hullo! It is I, Oskar. I enjoy looking for ice lumps and you’d never know what I found the other day. I was digging in a pile of snow where we had some nice lights before, and inside the snow I found this:

Oskar with ice

It is a big piece of ice but it has a hole in the middle and it is very easy to carry. I just put my nose throught it. I prance around like a pony, wagging my tail and don’t let anyone touch my ice. It is my treasure.

Oskar with ice

I wanted to take the ice with me to the house but Sari said I can’t. I pranced a little more and tried to sneak it in but in the end we made a deal. I left the ice outside and Sari gave me a biccie. Nom nom.

Oskar with ice

Here I am, back in the warm house, lying on my own comfy chair. Sari says I’m the silliest dog in the world but I think she’s just kidding. But guess what, when I went out the next time, I found the same ice lump with a hole in the middle and I pranced around again carrying the ice and not letting anyone else get it. It was a great day.


Remember this picture (in this post), taken on 11th January this year, when the Sun came high enough to be seen for the first time this year? The day was then just 3 hours long.


Same place yesterday, 3rd May, almost 4 months later. The day is now 18h 15min long. Less than a month to go now and the Sun will not set anymore.

The river is still frozen but only just. It would be very stupid to go on it.

River Ounasjoki, Kittilä, Lapland, Finland

Same day by a different river and it looks a lot more like spring. This one is overflowing a bit but not exactly flooding. I was out for the first time wearing a thinner coat, no hat and no gloves and it felt quite warm. Spring is definitely here. Or so I thought…

River Vaalajoki, Lapland, Finland

Here is my boy this morning, confused and wondering whatever happened to spring. There is a saying that the Finnish summer is short but with little snow. The spring is somewhat different.


On a more personal note, I saw two elks yesterday! Erm, so what?, I hear you thinking. Well, I’ve lived up here for almost 7 years now and I’ve never seen an elk here. In the south where I grew up I practically and quite literally bumped into them all the time. All the time. It made me smile to see them yesterday – it felt almost like an achievement of sorts. Sadly, no pictures of the elks. We drove past them while there were eating on a field. To make up for it, here are some reindeer.


Ages ago I promised the dogs a new rug. I knitted it using yarn cut from old t-shirts. I used a lot of t-shirts and it took forever to cut them. I kept getting Paddington stares from the dogs while knitting, knuckles white and aching, like there was some sort of urgency for the rug. Finally, it was finished.


I assumed there would be a fight between the two dogs for which one can sleep on it first. But guess what? No one touched it. For two days they deliberately walked around the goddamn rug. After two days Oskar finally went on the rug. He stayed a moment on the edge of it, like the rug was a leper or something.

Look, I’m on the rug. Alright?

What a fuss about a rug. Sheesh [rolls eyes]

I’m lying on it, I’m lying on it.

Dogs, eh?