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My sister sends me old jeans sometimes when she finds nice ones in a flea market. This is one of those. They are nicely embroidered teenage girl’s jeans. I knew immediately that I wanted to make a bag out of them but I had a problem because the jeans had such big embroidered images on both sides and I didn’t want to cut in the middle of them. After a long think I decided to make a big tote bag. I made the bag the same way as I made my skirt.

This is the front of the bag. The bird goes all the way to the bottom of the bag.

There is a big bird at the back of the bag, too. The back pockets have actually been embroidered shut. As you can see, the bag is about as big as it can be. Any bigger and it would touch the ground.

The lining is an old shirt. It, too, had embroidery on the chest which I left. I thought the red goes well with all the other red details. There is a little inside pocket on the other side.

All in all, I’m quite pleased with the bag.


I make stuff all the time but the bottleneck is with taking pictures of the stuff and also getting the pictures here. It is typical that now as the spring is just about here, I display woolens. I guess it doesn’t really matter.

The first item is an orange jumper. The yarn is called Teddy and it’s by a Finnish company Novita. It’s quite thick but with only 45% wool it’s not the warmest of jumpers. Now that I live this far north I’ve started to really notice the difference between wool and man-made fibers. I suppose the bright colour makes up what it lacks in warmth. That’s the theory. It’s a basic jumper with no extra pipes and whistles.

The black corduroy skirt used to be pants. The pants were fine except that below the knee where the fabric creases the corduroy had come off and the pants started to look very worn. I cut the legs off, opened the middle seam and sewed an triangle piece underneath. Easy. This must be the easiest way to make a skirt from old trousers. This corduroy fabric is slightly stretchy, making the trousers first, and now the skirt, very comfortable.

I have accidentally started to accumulate more and more cameras. Some of them are as old (young) as me. And although I have camera bags, sometimes I like to throw just one of the little cameras in my ordinary shoulder bag so I needed to make a case for one of the cameras for protection.

I used old jeans, what else? First I painted the fabric, and when I say ‘painted’ I mean ‘slapped some paint on it’. I also stamped some geometric shaped on it with acrylic paints. I then quilted the jeans fabric to some wadding. The case is lined, of course, and it boasts a fimo button I’ve made ages ago.

The original 40-year-old plastic strap gets very stiff in the cold during winter and it’s a little difficult to get out of the hole I made for it. It was fine when I made it but I didn’t take into account that almost always the plastic will be stiff as a board (I almost never use a camera inside and it’s almost always cold outside). I might need to enlarge the hole yet. But other than that, the case does exactly what it should, ie. protects the camera when it rattles about in my bag.

This is a boox

Posted: April 27, 2013 in Sewing, This & That
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This is a bookbox. Or maybe a boxbook. Or maybe it’s a boox. All the same, the covers are made using old book covers which were covered with patterned papers. The spine of the ‘boox’ is some kind of tough black tape (I don’t know what the tape is called) and inside are three wooden boxes. The ribbon keeps the ‘boox’ sniggly closed so anything I put into the boxes should stay inside even when the ‘boox’ is upright, although I’ve not tested that yet. Perhaps I’ll do a test with a few fairly large items rather than one million tiny little glass beads, for example, just to be on the safe side. I was thinking of keeping sewing-related small items in this – things that usually can’t be found when I need them.


Posted: April 6, 2013 in Sewing, This & That

I had some big square washers, which I thought would make good pattern weights. I glued some paper on them and coated the lot with Glossy Accents. I’ve not tried yet if they work better than pins. I can always get comfort in the thought that I have some pattern weights, should I ever need them.

Monsters ‘r’ us

Posted: December 29, 2012 in Sewing, This & That
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My sister sends me old stuff every now and then. Ha. I just made a cushion for her, using her old sweatshirt. You think you can get rid of your old stuff? Well, guess again. It comes back like a bad penny 🙂

Anyway, she likes the cushion. It brings back memories from decades ago. This cushion is supposed to be a cat but to me it looks a lot like the devil instead. The tail is not forked so it must be a cat, yes?

And while I was at it, I made some more…

Shorts and a bag make a pencil case

Posted: September 17, 2012 in Sewing

Here is another little sewing job. It’s a pencil case – a slightly larger one that can hold journaling stuff when I’m on the move (which is not that often but it’s good to be prepared, right?). I made it using fabric from an old bag I didn’t like and the lining is from my old shorts. There was some sort of decoration on the bag which I left on the fabric but I sewed some buttons on it to make it a little nicer. I quite like this one even if I did mess up the zip.