Winter wonderland

Posted: December 19, 2016 in Photography
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This is how it looked here yesterday. It was the last day before the polar nights and the length of the day was about 15 minutes. Today it is zero. For the next 5 days. There is not an awful lot of snow here now, only about 35 cm (just over a foot) and it is -5C at the moment. It looks like winter wonderland with a thick frost everywhere. Unfortunately they are forecasting rain for tomorrow which would mean bye-bye for the frost and some of the snow, too. Let’s hope they are wrong with that forecast.



This is the 19th card from the Christmas calendar.

18th Christmas calendar ATC.

17th Christmas calendar ATC. This bauble is actually a flower upside down! I love multipurpose stamps! The text in the background says “Merry Christmas”.

16th ATC from the Christmas calendar. Yes, keep calm! Cats usually do. I wish my dogs would do as well but they are a bit…uhm…lively.

This is the 15th card of the ATC Christmas calendar. The text says simply: Christmas greeting.

Xmas calendar day 14

Posted: December 14, 2016 in Uncategorized

Day 14 of the Christmas calendar. Today is the last day to post Christmas cards at a reduced price in Finland. Although the cards can be sent later and still they should get there for Christmas, today is usually the cut-off date for most people. Making Christmas cards is no problem for me. It’s the writing and sending where I struggle. Every year.