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Best get some Christmas cards out quickly before Christmas. Phew, almost too late.


Here are the last of my Christmas cards. As you must have seen by now, I almost never make two of the same. For the last card, Santa on skis, I also made a matching necklace: a pair of skis. Talking of skis, I just read an article about skiing. As I might have mentioned before, Finnish children used to learn to ski before they learn to walk (yours truly included) but we are now getting a generation of children who can’t ski at all. The reason is that there isn’t enough snow every winter, especially in the south of the country. It’s not like skiing is a really important skill to have, but it’s kind of shocking: Finnish children who can’t ski! I’ve never heard such a thing before. End of an era, I guess. Still, plenty of snow up here above the Arctic for skiing, although getting a tad cold: -23C and dropping!

More Christmas cards, anyone? Now you’ve seen all of this year’s Christmas cards. At least all of those I’ve done so far. No doubt I’ll make a few more yet.

Finally, here are some Christmas cards! Since I haven’t posted anything for such a long time, let’s do a real bumper-bag of a post. I almost never make two cards the same – hence the mixture. More to come. Honestly.

I think I mentioned once that I really like baubles on Christmas cards. I wasn’t joking.

More Christmas cards. The first two happened because I happened to have a piece of white card on my desk.

I seem to like patterns.

This is soooo out of my comfort zone! I’m not even sure I like it.

This is much more my kind of thing; simple and not too cluttered.

Yep, patterns again.

Finally, some Christmas cards. First one is some ‘postage stamps’ and a reindeer – just stamping and masking.

I really like these. A symmetrical shape, in these cases a circle and a triangle-shaped tree, are cut from old book pages – 4 for each – and then folded in half. Then one half is glued to the half of the next piece, which is then glued to the next, and so on until all 4 pieces are glued together. Then it’s glued to the card. I think they look great. Probably a bit of a pain in-the-you-know-where to post but who cares?

I often use leftover pieces of cardstock to make cards and that’s why they are often oddly shaped.

I have lots of alcohol ink backgrounds, usually from cleaning the leftover alcohol ink from other projects. Luckily I like the messy backgrounds with simple images embossed on them.

Baubles are probably my favourite Christmas images. Somehow, one can’t go wrong with them. The silver paper behind the bauble is not actually paper but some kind of plastic. I got some mail in it once and saved it. It’s shiny, like mirror and incredibly slippy. It was almost humanly impossible to cut straight.